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Dating back to 1997, Trees Plus Landscape Maintenance Inc. decided that premium quality workmanship, along with exemplary customer service, would be the basis for achieving the company's long-term goals and raise Trees Plus to the top of the industry.

It has now been over twenty years since the founder of this successful landscaping company established Trees Plus in the Vancouver area; providing the finest in landscaping design and maintenance at highly competitive rates. Trees Plus remains dedicated to providing premium quality workmanship and exemplary service to all its customers.

We recognize that many of our clients are seeking an independent, professional approach to their landscape maintenance needs, no matter how diverse the factors involved. They must be absolutely confident that the recommendations they receive are based upon solid experience and detailed workmanship. I believe that we have the right team with the vision and commitment to satisfy these needs.

It is this unwavering conviction to provide the best advice and quality of service that I confidently believe will enable us to meet our client's landscape maintenance needs today and in the future.

Stephen Krush,


Our Services

Serving the Greater Vancouver area since 1997.

Trees Plus Landscape Maintenance Inc. is a successful landscape company providing the finest in landscape design and maintenance in the Greater Vancouver Area since 1997.

Trees Plus services include:

Weekly/Monthly Reports

Weekly, monthly... we provide the reports you need.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

When all signs point to a new season, it's our sign to cleanup.

Complete Tree Pruning Services

Keep your trees healthy and beautiful with our complete pruning services.

Spring and Summer Annual's Planting

Get ready for pops of colours to welcome Spring and Summer.

Landscape Design & Installation

Relax and leave the landscape design and installation to us.

Total Lawn Maintenance and Renovation

Aeration, power raking, fertilization and moss control, we do it all.

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Stephen Krush,

Trees Plus Landscape Maintenance Inc.
209 - 8475 Ontario Street
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